To try to victory Rau off to the fresh new Rebellion, Sabine starred a game regarding Cubikahd that have your

But not, Rau was adamant that Protectors were carrying out sufficient towards Rebellion by letting her or him traveling from the Concord Start Program. Its conference try disrupted from the Zeb, whom summoned her or him to own a conflict area briefing that have Hera and you may Sato. Shortly after dropping contact with this new Protectors, Sato suspected your Mandalorians was form a pitfall for them. Hera sent Rau and additionally Sabine, Ezra, and you will Chopper to your a purpose to help you probe the whole world.

To pay off the newest Protectors’ term, Rau available to travel to Concord Beginning so you can reason with these people

Sabine, the girl break the rules comrades, and you can Rau moved in order to Concord Beginning throughout the Phantom II. In journey, Rau were able to stun Sabine and you may Ezra and arrived the new boat on the Concord Dawn’s Third Moonlight. Shortly after waking, Chopper freed Sabine and Ezra off their restraints. It in the future discover Rau on top of a mountain. Shortly after rejoining Rau, it learned that various other Mandalorian force had assaulted and you will massacred the latest Protectors. Rau try crazy from the Sabine and you may blamed the new Rebellion with the fatalities of their males. If you are arguing, Ezra and Helicopter noticed a signal approach. Whenever good Viper Probe Droid checked, Ezra used the Force to pitfall the fresh new droid if you’re Sabine shed they together blaster. Rau planned to deal on the Empire but Sabine disagreed. She sent Chopper to secure the Phantom II.

The rebels and Fenn had been next attacked of the a line out of Imperial Super Commandos provided because of the Saxon. Sabine and you can Fenn were able to flee however, Ezra and you may Helicopter have been seized. Whenever you are hiding, Fenn told Sabine not to cut Ezra to avoid attracting focus on themselves. Despite Fenn’s hatred to the Rebellion, Sabine been able to convince him to aid the lady cut the woman family relations by appealing to their hatred to possess Saxon. Putting the arrangements towards action, Sabine knocked-out a brilliant Commando and you can stole their jetpack. Fenn following safeguarded the latest Phantom II. She upcoming put cig grenades so you can disorientate Saxon with his shields and you may help save Ezra and Helicopter.

New rebels tried to flee onboard the fresh new Phantom II but found one to Fenn got stolen the new passion. Sabine and her companions was in fact up coming surrounded by Saxon, which chastised her to own deserting new Purple Academy and necessary that she promise the lady fealty to your. Instead, Sabine had Helicopter so you’re able to upload volume 337 opinions onto the Awesome Commandos’ helmet, knocking them aside. Sabine after that donned her jetpack and you will held to Ezra while Chopper ignited his rocket thrusters. This new rebels have been in the future pursued of the Awesome Commandos. On account of Ezra’s excess weight, Sabine was forced to travel reduced and guy narrowly avoided colliding with a stone. With an excellent Commando closing inside in it, she decrease Ezra into a peak. Brand new Jedi utilized their lightsaber so you can destroy the fresh Extremely Commando’s jetpack, ultimately causing your to-fall. Sabine then reunited having Ezra in addition they went on on Saxon’s Gauntlet Fighter.

They then observed brand new actions of one’s Extremely Commandos from a great safer vantage point-on a mountain

Saxon along with his three left men followed the rebels into the a good narrower area of the canyon. To reduce them, Sabine tossed grenades at the Awesome Commandos, blocking the highway. Whenever Saxon plus one Extremely Commando discharged abreast of the lady, Sabine forgotten your hands on Ezra, in which he arrived with the Helicopter. Sabine then photos a second Mandalorian warrior together with her blaster, resulting in their jetpack to help you burst. The newest rebels eventually achieved Saxon’s vessel however the Awesome Commandos trapped up with him or her. Among Extremely Commandos seized Sabine’s blaster. Saxon ordered their kept Commando so you’re able to take Ezra as he done Sabine. Prior to they could manage its execution, Fenn turned up to your Phantom II and attacked Saxon’s ship and you may leftover Commando. Following the a brief battle, Sabine were able to flee having Ezra and you may Helicopter up to speed their bus. Although not just before Saxon damaged Sabine’s jetpack.

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